Ebike Framekits Bafang Power

Why Fang-It?

If you love to build bikes, the Fang E1 is for you. The Fang E1 Framekit is the core of the modern E-Bike with a carbon frame, powerful torque-sensing mid-drive, quality rear shock and lithium battery. Construct your 'Dream build'. For those who are budget conscious, use your existing enduro rig and switch all the parts for a quality e-build, at a fraction of 'retailer' prices in Australia

E1 Framekit

  • Australian stock
  • Carbon frame - Modern Geometry
  • Bafang M500 or M600 Mid-drive
  • Integrated 450 or 600Wh Lithium battery with charger
  • Cane Creek Double Barrel Air rear shock
  • Bafang Display, sensors, cables, mounts, chainring, cranks and chain guide
  • Rear axle, headset, seat clamp

Powerful Motor

The Bafang M600 is the most powerful motor in its class, 120Nm. The M500 is 95Nm. Both offer seamless torque sensing performance.


Pick your motor, pick your battery capacity, Medium and Large sizes available, then build your dream. The frame will fit 27.5 x 2.8 and 29 x 2.4 wheelsets.

Excellent Support

Get helpful responses from local Australian riders, with real bike factory experience, and get it real-fast. Contact us NOW

The Fang E1 is modelled around recent "Enduro" geometry, with 156mm rear travel, and accommodating 160mm up front slack head angles, progressive rear suspension, and tuned chain-stay length to make the most of the climb and the descent

The Framekit is the Fang Bikes core. The Carbon frame comes complete with headset, rear axle and seat post clamp. At the heart of the kit is the powerful Bafang M500 or M600 mid-drive motor, and integrated 450Wh or 600Wh Bafang battery. The Bafang kit comes with brackets, mounts, cables, display, chainring, cranks, sensors and the battery charger.

Like the Framekit, the Rolling Kit comes with all goodies along with a set of Carbon rims in either 27.5 or 29. Why not go the "Mullet" 27.5 rear with a 29er front end?